Sale Historical Society was first formed in 1964.  Although it then languished, acting secretary Stuart Ashton maintained a point of contact for collecting local history.  Newspaper man Milton Lewis was the catalyst for its rebirth in November 1970. As the City of Sale gradually relinquished its former Foster St Council Chambers, the Sale Museum was born, opening in 1975.

The Museum has an extensive archive, a collection of local memorabilia, local Honour Rolls, Sale Council records and items on local businesses, events and identities.

The Museum, featuring changing exhibitions on the town and its businesses, is open from 1.30 pm – 4 pm each Wednesday and Sunday afternoon.

And the new Water Tower Museum is open from 2 – 4 pm each Saturday: admission a gold coin donation.

Meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of the month except January and during some winter months (there will be no June or August meetings)

Our current exhibition is Raymond Street looking at our main business centre over time.

NOTE: The Foster St Museum will not be open Sunday 15 December 2019 and will be closed over the holiday period,  reopening on Sunday 12 January 2020.

Subject to volunteer availability, the Water Tower will continue to open each Saturday.